Thursday, February 24, 2011

This marks the city city is area is stopping warm half after several months

The members mean in succession, although same village in Shaoxing would just establish,everyone will use person in Shaoxing is cleverness and wisdom and ability will do vividly the same village, also praying the home town is prosperous, the motherland is prosperous.(Qian Hui Feng)
(Responsibility editor:renyue)
Chief reporter, silk head scarves Zhang Zhi, signs trainee Zhi Jing
This report Anne sun Xun yesterday morning, be located in the city area of state City wood 3 provide hot point of many sets provide warm boiler to start providing at the same time warm, this marks the city city is Fendi Scarves area is stopping warm half after several months, using the warm door has already all resumed to provide warm.Ratio originally the city hall promise of letting and using warm door lead Noan-noan and with of big year of, more than a weeks in advance.

And mean to will work to support with all strength to same village in Shaoxing from now on

Attending meeting rather wave same village will represent, alumni meeting president of association week China in University of Zhejiang in Japan to same village in Shaoxing will of formally established to express to warmly congratulate, and invite same village in Shaoxing, Japan will participate in in the horizontal exchanges cooperation between each group of Chinese people in day together.Wenzhou, Japan total board of trade the total board of trade of general secretary Wang Ping representative Wenzhou announced the He Ci that will formally establish to same village in Shaoxing, and mean to will work to support with cashmere scarves all strength to same village in Shaoxing from now on.
Will establish to hold for celebrating the Shaoxing same village of traveling the day later on of will up, the same villages in Shaoxing part the thin article wear rich eight years with the home town flavor, Chen Niang"flower Diao", simultaneously enjoy a talk together country feeling, talk the Lu is fast and talks the Jin in autumn and speak of the small bridge flowing water of home town and resemble such as at the orchid station song water current the Shang is slowly thin to drink to consider of refined scholar, seat temporarily be full of very thick country rhyme in Shaoxing.

At come and go several

Traveller in Shaoxing in the whole Japan, at come and go several, home country successively leave madly in love, devotion Japan boundless huge, depend on intelligence and effort for depending on oneself, the most people has results to show in Japanese business studies, but the work in this foreign land another country nervous busyness life in, think of home of the feeling always flow out continuously and look for an idea of native accent to slice.Several Shaoxings elder generations that are located on a day devote major efforts to push and merge a net the villager is everywhere and finally facilitated same village in Shaoxing, Japan will of establish.
Attend meeting a member to unanimously pass with"contact same village intimate country feeling, strengthen feelings to promote comity, strengthen a mutual cooperation between members, promote member is business;Strengthen at the same time and each Qiao of world-wide locations the regiment organize of contact, do one for the home town construction and motherland prosperity aggressive contribute, promote medium day friendly"is a same village meeting aim;Elected My president Yang Zhong of the Way company celebrate for the same village a meeting president pink scarves of association, Chen Jie is pair president of association part-time business bureau chief, clock Wei for be responsible for outward contacting square scarves of vice- president of association;Combining to appoint to be responsible for same village on the spot will the personnel of each concrete work.The general meeting still invites to saintedly increase Sir Tian Wei Zhong to serve as honorary chairman and photographs artist, Mr. Ping Xue Min, to serve as same village meeting adviser.From now on, compatriot in Shaoxing in day of trip finally had his/her own organization.

Because she always says something against me

"I hate her and want to ruin her to permit, she don,t also seek an another man during a lifetime.I chop down small breeze, because she always says something against me, make her mother not be as good as I, I sprinkle her with the sulfuric acid and make her is unmarriageable."Close silk scarves wholesale some thus explain to ownly commit crime motive.
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
After same village in Shaoxing, Japan will establish a general assembly, the member matches a shadow to keep as memory.(Photograph:Ping Xue Min)
Win a new net to give or get an electric Paul Smith Scarves shock to report according to new overseas Chinese report net in Japan on January 24, January 22, the "great cold" solar division just led and came from Tokyo, Japans all, blessing well county and Ci city county and absolute being Nai Shaoxing book same village in Zhejiang in day of the Chuan county, and from their original domicile far way in province Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China since then home town compatriot, total more than 20 persons, remitted to gather the flower 咲 in horizontal strand in famous port city in Japan mansion My the board room of the Way company the 8th floorses in, holding Shaoxing, Japan the same village will establish a general assembly.