Thursday, February 24, 2011

And mean to will work to support with all strength to same village in Shaoxing from now on

Attending meeting rather wave same village will represent, alumni meeting president of association week China in University of Zhejiang in Japan to same village in Shaoxing will of formally established to express to warmly congratulate, and invite same village in Shaoxing, Japan will participate in in the horizontal exchanges cooperation between each group of Chinese people in day together.Wenzhou, Japan total board of trade the total board of trade of general secretary Wang Ping representative Wenzhou announced the He Ci that will formally establish to same village in Shaoxing, and mean to will work to support with cashmere scarves all strength to same village in Shaoxing from now on.
Will establish to hold for celebrating the Shaoxing same village of traveling the day later on of will up, the same villages in Shaoxing part the thin article wear rich eight years with the home town flavor, Chen Niang"flower Diao", simultaneously enjoy a talk together country feeling, talk the Lu is fast and talks the Jin in autumn and speak of the small bridge flowing water of home town and resemble such as at the orchid station song water current the Shang is slowly thin to drink to consider of refined scholar, seat temporarily be full of very thick country rhyme in Shaoxing.

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