Thursday, February 24, 2011

This marks the city city is area is stopping warm half after several months

The members mean in succession, although same village in Shaoxing would just establish,everyone will use person in Shaoxing is cleverness and wisdom and ability will do vividly the same village, also praying the home town is prosperous, the motherland is prosperous.(Qian Hui Feng)
(Responsibility editor:renyue)
Chief reporter, silk head scarves Zhang Zhi, signs trainee Zhi Jing
This report Anne sun Xun yesterday morning, be located in the city area of state City wood 3 provide hot point of many sets provide warm boiler to start providing at the same time warm, this marks the city city is Fendi Scarves area is stopping warm half after several months, using the warm door has already all resumed to provide warm.Ratio originally the city hall promise of letting and using warm door lead Noan-noan and with of big year of, more than a weeks in advance.

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